R E S T O C K E D!

August 4th, 2022

Our latest shipment from Sydney arrived in just 8 days… the store has now been restocked so get on it!

You’ll notice that the chicken salt colour is slightly lighter than before; chicken salt gets more yellow as it absorbs moisture (the enemy) over time. The latest shipment is so fresh and we’ve packed it so quickly that it’s the freshest it’s ever been.

Not even chicken shops in Australia have chicken salt this fresh!

More stock arriving soon!

July 31st, 2022

We’ve run out of chicken salt which is obviously annoying for a company that only sells one thing!

More stock is on the way and should be here soon, along with a refresh of our products and some increased sizes!

Apple Pay + Google Pay

February 11th, 2022

We’ve signed up for WooCommerce Payments to handle credit/debit card transactions and comes with the option to pay via Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro. The dream of ‘I want to pay for genuine Australian chicken salt using only my sensational face’ has arrived!

What is chicken salt?

Chicken salt is arguably the finest seasoning for fresh hot chips and rotisserie chickens in the world. Bright yellow and packed with flavour, Australians douse chicken salt on their food at every local takeaway.

The best chicken salt is the stuff made in Australia and used in takeaways. It’s bright yellow and tastes unmistakable.

Imported from Australia

We could have tried to make our own but it wouldn’t be the same… so we imported it directly from the manufacturer!

All our salt is air freighted from Sydney in 7-10 days and is as fresh (if not fresher) than local chip shops in Australia. A four month long cargo ship journey sailing half way round the world in sweltering heat is not an option!

About us

The Chicken Salt Co. was founded in 2017 and is (still) the first and only chip shop chicken salt seller filling a gap in the UK market for the real deal chicken salt you find in local takeaways in Australia… not the supermarket stuff but the real imported wholesaler salt, coarsely grounded and intensely yellow.

We try to be pretty active on social media so if you’re around then give us a shout!