A big new shipment just arrived!

September 6th, 2021|

We’ve just taken delivery of a huge shipment from Sydney; it arrived in multiple boxes! The shop will be restocked this evening!

Waiting on a new shipment

July 19th, 2021|

We powered through all the stock that arrived on 1st July and a new shipment left Sydney last week. Hopefully won’t be long!

New stock has arrived!

July 1st, 2021|

Fresh stock has arrived! Australia may be in lockdown but our chicken salt and Kentuckiana seasoning is free to roam in shipping bags all over Europe!

What is Chicken Salt?

Chicken salt is arguably the finest seasoning for fresh hot chips and rotisserie chickens in the world. Bright yellow and packed with flavour, Australians douse chicken salt on their food at every local takeaway.

Imported from Australia

The best chicken salt is the stuff made in Australia and used in takeaways. It’s bright yellow and tastes unmistakable. We could have tried to make our own but it wouldn’t be the same… so we imported it directly from the manufacturer!

Who are we?

The Chicken Salt Co. is the first and only chip shop chicken salt seller filling a gap in the UK market for the real deal chicken salt you find in local takeaways in Australia… not the supermarket stuff but the real imported wholesaler salt, coarsely grounded and intensely yellow.


100% the bright yellow, tasty chicken salt I’ve been looking for!

ankittehdubh, eBay

Gorgeous! Chicken salt is a revelation! Thank you!

lazarus42, eBay

It’s chickeny, it’s salty, it’s awesome!!

hiten585, eBay

I am in chicken salt heaven. It had brought me right back to bring back home in Oz with my order, it goes great even on British fish and chips!

Emma J, via email

Just wanted to thank you for having such a thoughtful wonderful business for Ozzys missing home and Brits missing oz!

Jemima H, via email

Australia’s best kept secret

The legendary chicken salt

Although Chicken salt is the default go-to fluorescent chip seasoning for most Australians, it is largely unknown to the world outside Australia. Canadians have their poutine, Belgians have their mayo. Australians have their chicken salt.

Where did it come from?

Originally developed in the 1970s by two Europeans living in Adelaide, chicken salt was used as a seasoning for rotisserie chickens to add flavour and colour. Chicken shop owners would also add chicken salt to chips (known as hot chips) and it’s popularity spread to all corners of Australia.

So it’s pretty popular then?

Chicken salt is the mainstay seasoning in almost every takeaway across Australia and you’ll be hard pressed to find an Australian living abroad that won’t tell you how they firmly believe chicken salt should be available everywhere to douse all over their chips.

What does it taste like?

Controversially chicken salt doesn’t taste of chicken and is not made from chicken. It is designed to enhance the flavour of the food it’s sprinkled on. We’ve even tried it on popcorn with excellent results!

Is chicken salt vegetarian?

Yes it is! Chicken salt is mainly salt, sugar, spices (garlic, onion and paprika) and flavour enhancers.

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