Trade Sales and Enquiries

We are currently the only company in the UK (and most likely Europe!) that imports genuine Aussie chicken salt used in takeaways and chicken shops in Australia. Shipments are air freighted from Sydney for maximum freshness; in most cases it is fresher than used in shops in Australia. Chicken salt has a shelf life of two years and we generally receive shipments a month to six weeks after manufacturing.

The Trade Bag

We sell a special 2kg trade bag of chicken salt when we have stock available called The Trade Bag. Shipments are currently taking six to eight weeks to arrive from Sydney instead of seven working days. This means our supply is not regular and we can only supply The Trade Bag on an occasional basis given current demand for retail chicken salt.

Trade Contact

Please contact and simply write Trade in the subject title with your enquiry.  We process trade orders by sending PayPal invoices. VAT is not added as chicken salt is classified by HMRC under VAT Notice 701/14 Section 3.2 as being ZR (Zero-Rate) under Salt for Culinary Use.


Limited to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only. We hand deliver to any address in the Greater London and Surrey areas free of charge (we love meeting people who love chicken salt!). Outside of these areas we ship ParcelForce 48.