Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning (75g)


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Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning

A clone of the the signature seasoning you get on boxed hot chips from the famous Kentucky based fried chicken joint in Australia. This is not chicken salt.

IMPORTANT: Unlike our chicken salt, this seasoning does not come with an anti-caking agent. Keep this seasoning sealed in the supplied pouch and strictly limit exposure to air by flattening the pouch before sealing.

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What am buying?

75 grams of Australian manufactured Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning packaged in a food grade stand up pouch with an airtight Mylar resealable zip lock.

Where is it made?

Made in Australia (NSW)

What is the expiry date?

We air freight our salt within weeks of manufacture so it will have a much longer shelf life than if it travelled by sea. Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning has a one year expiry date. The best before date is written on the packet.


Salt, Flavour Enhancer (621), Dextrose, Natural Flavour (Milk, Gluten, Soy), Vegetable Powder, Spices.


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