Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning (200g)


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Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning

A bang on ‘clone’ of the signature seasoning you get on boxed hot chips from the famous Kentucky based fried chicken joint in Australia (this is not chicken salt!).


Kentuckiana seasoning (like all salt) is hygroscopic and susceptible to clumping by absorbing moisture in the air. It doesn’t affect the favour, just more difficult to sprinkle over food. This is why we use Mylar zip lock sealed pouches for their airtight seal. When it comes to packaging, we remove all the air in the pouch before heat sealing it in addition to the Mylar zip lock to eliminate all traces of moisture… reaching you in perfect condition.

To keep your Kentuckiana seasoning dry remember to flatten your pouch before sealing the Mylar zip lock to keep it protected from moisture. If you’re using one of our shakers, spin the lid to closed after use. If you’re in a very humid environment then place the shaker in a zip lock bag after use to keep moisture out. Adding long grain white rice to a pouch or shaker helps to dry out clumping Kentuckiana seasoning.

19 in stock

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What am buying?

200 grams of Australian manufactured Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning packaged in a food grade stand up pouch with an airtight Mylar resealable zip lock.

Where is it made?

Made in Australia (Sydney, NSW)

What is the expiry date?

We air freight our Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning within a few weeks of manufacture so it will have a much longer shelf life than if it travelled by sea. Kentuckiana Hot Chip Seasoning has a one year shelf life. Expiry dates are written on our packets.


Salt, Flavour Enhancer (621), Dextrose, Natural Flavour (Milk, Gluten, Soy), Vegetable Powder, Spices.

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