Because every country in the world deserves chicken salt

What is Express Lane?

We deliver to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands.

However, we receive emails from all over the world (even Australia) to ask if we can make country exceptions for homesick Aussies, special occasions or businesses that would love to get their hands on some proper chicken salt. As a result we’ve done special deliveries to Canada, USA, Croatia, Russia and Japan in the last couple of years and we’re happy to do so!

Express Lane is our global service that allows customers to get their hands on chicken salt ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Yes, every single country!

The Penguin Post Office, Port Lockroy, Antarctica.

How does it work?

  • 1. Email us with your request. You must be both the requester and the recipient so we know we are shipping to you.

  • 2. We use the Royal Mail Postage Calculator work out how much it would cost us to ship you your designated quantity of chicken salt. This is made up of the chicken salt bags you wish to buy plus the exact cost of shipping as Royal Mail charges. Discount codes don’t apply to Express Lane purchases.

  • 3. We’ll quote you the total cost and then, if it is acceptable and you’re happy with it, send you a PayPal invoice to pay. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay the invoice; you can use a credit or debit card.

  • 4. You pay the PayPal invoice and the next working day your chicken salt will be dispatched! By paying the invoice you agree to be responsible for customs charges that might be applied in your country. See Customs Charges on the right for more information.

How do we get started?

Email us at with subject title EXPRESS LANE AHOY! and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Include the country you want delivery to and a rough estimation of how much chicken salt you’d like.

We usually don’t ship shakers and merchandise as these attract VAT at customs, but if you’re happy to pay the extra charges on arrival then please let us know!

What about customs fees?

Chicken salt is assigned Tariff Number 250100910 (salt suitable for human consumption) which is zero rated for VAT in most countries so it will arrive and pass customs without additional charges.

Some countries do charge additional customs import fees (such as Denmark) and you agree to be responsible for paying any additional fees to release it. Your parcel will be insured in case of loss but we will not refund orders that are returned because customs fees are not paid.